I got this, Dad.

Andromache and the Not-Quite-Disastrous Diaper

I got this, Dad.

Mache at the Kings Dominion Wave Pool. September 9, 2013.

That clever little devil.

This morning as I tried to sneak across the creak-bound wood floor to go back downstairs to make coffee I heard my darling daughter, restless in the bedroom as I walked up to the door.

I stopped and listened but no major noises – just the stiring of “soon, father, soon I shall wake up”.

I decided to risk it – to head towards the black gold machine – to walk past her room and down the stairs as quietly as my size 15 feet could.

As I took my first step in the darkened hallway, into view of her bedroom door, she giggled – GIGGLED I say – and I heard the distinct tearing sound of her diaper velcro pulling away from the diaper. I was stuck now – I couldn’t let her discover the source of that distinctive smell in the air on her own – so I turned on her light and there she was, smiling at me with one tab of the diaper in her hand.

The little she-devil GIGGLED as she pulled it off! I have no doubt that she knew what she was doing: completely aware that her diaper was filthy; that the velcro held it on; and that one of us was lurking outside her door trying to sneak past.

We may be in trouble … is it too early to potty train? 🙂