Spit Roasting a Lamb (whole)

Spit Roasting a Lamb (whole)

Prepping the lamb for its roast

Basting Sauce: 50% olive oil, 50% margarine or butter. A ton of oregano, salt to taste, a lot of black pepper, a LOT of crushed garlic, and the juice of a couple lemons.

Preparation: Fill the stomach cavity with a couple heads of garlic (whole), a couple of lemons (partially squeezed out for basting sauce), and fresh oregano. Cover the entirety of the lamb with the basting sauce including the stomach cavity.

Fire: Wood lump charcoal is best, but any will do. Build a big fire in the middle of the pit tray and get the coals very hot. Once they are ready to cook on separate them so they sit under the head and tail, but leave the spot under the rib cage empty – it cooks the fastest and will be fine cooking at the lower temperature. You can use this area to put smoking wood to add a nice smokey flavor – but watch that it doesn’t catch fire and only smolders.

Cooking: 6-8 hours for a 50 pound lamb. Baste every 20 minutes to build a nice crust and keep the insides moist. Make sure the spit motor never stops (except as you need to baste or cut). Add charcoal as necessary to keep the fire going and at a nice hot temperature (300-400 degrees). I usually add every couple hours.

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