Graze: Morning Energizer
Graze: Morning Energizer: oops - should have taken that picture first!

Graze: Morning Energizer

I don’t hate this

I’m trying Graze. It’s silly, but the first box was free, so why not. I just need to cancel the second one before I …

wait … this wasn’t awful.

Wasn’t Awful? It had chewy, semi-dried cherries and pears. You don’t eat cherries. Or pears. Or semi-dried fruit!

But really, it wasn’t awful. That should be their tagline.

Try it, it’s not awful!

Really though. I ate the Morning Energizer pack today. Sorry about the photo, didn’t think to take a picture until after I ate it. I’ll do better going forward. The label reads “Start your moning right, with energy-boosting copper & manganese.” The Morning Energizer has cherry, pear, and walnut. Chewy fruit is new for me, but like I said, I didn’t hate it. The combination kept the cerry from being too tart, or the walnut too drying (I hate that dry feeling walnut can give my mouth sometimes).

Would I pick this up in the store? No. Would I eat it if Graze sent it again? Yeah.

I’d eat that.

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