On the SPOT Podcast – Inaugural Episode

I’m excited to announce a new effort that I’ve started with a co-worker, Craig Jahnke. In the past month we’ve partnered with AvePoint to create On the SPOT, a technology focused podcast for business leadership.

On the SPOT Podcast

Our goal is to help business leaders navigate the SPeed Of Technology through interviews with well-known industry influencers around information management, data governance, compliance and security, collaboration and productivity, and the cloud (not just Microsoft).

In this inaugural episode we interview Asif Rehmani, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of VisualSP – we talk about executive responsibility in tool adoption, how to get more out of your investment with no-code solutions, what skill sets you should be considering for your “SharePoint” team, and how to solve business problems quicker.

Asif was a great guest, and I think Craig and I are getting into a great cadence. I hope you’ll give us a listen and share it with your friends.

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