What’s to come?

What’s to come?

I’m not new to blogging, but it has been a long time.  I have had the itch the past few months to blog – about trips, family, food, presentations I’m giving, the state of the “social business” industry – and the worst part is I didn’t write any of it down when I was thinking about it, so I’m starting from zero.  I suppose starting from zero is better than not starting at all.

My goal for 2012?  To enjoy life, and tell you about it here. As the title of the blog suggests, much of the content will focus on my business focus: collaboration; the latest buzz-word, of course, being “social business”.  I’m not a social media guy, I use Facebook & Twitter, but that’s not my focus.  My focus is building private/semi-private networks for employees, customers, and partners using SAAS or in-house software platforms and integrating them with-in the corporate network in a holistic approach: security, file storage, customer databases, project management, internal communications; the list goes on.  Of course, with enjoying life comes the occasional personal post – hockey, my wife, my family, travel, food, the state of common sense, the idiot who cut me off that morning.

Me at Dogfishead in MarylandI make no promises on how often I’ll create posts, but I’ll try to keep things interesting – feel free to kick me every-so-often if just to make sure my heart is still pumping!


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  1. Shannon

    First off, I’m SUPER impressed that you wrote this from the future, cuz where I am (4 miles from your house) it is still December 29th! 🙂 I’m glad you have a blog, otherwise I’m not sure how we’d keep in touch. Happy New Year!!

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