#CollabTalk TweetJam November 2021
CollabTalk TweetJam November 2021

#CollabTalk TweetJam November 2021

On November 30th I joined Christian Buckley’s #CollabTalk for another TweetJam – this time focused on security and collaboration.

As a reminder, if you’re new to the #TweetJam concept, Tweets are short. Currently, Twitter restricts comments to 280 characters and, where URLs are present, using URL shortening to help get the most out of this limited space. If you jump into the conversation, you may see “(1/2)” in a post, which means the poster needed more than 280 characters, so check out that person’s Twitter stream to see the rest of the message.

#CollabTalk does some great stuff helping organize the hundreds of posts that come through in an hour by breaking up the topic into seven questions and requesting everyone use #collabtalk and A1 where the number matches the question. Good stuff if you’re trying to keep up.

Below are my answers to today’s seven questions, and a few of my favorites from the community (way too many to share them all!). I welcome your feedback either in the comments or on Twitter! But if you do join us on Twitter make sure you follow the rules!! Use #CollabTalk A$ where $ is the question number (e.g., “#CollabTalk A3”).

Focusing on Collaboration Security

Q1 Is collaboration security an active component of your internal/customer planning? Why, or why not?

Q2 Would you say your organization prioritizes usability over security, or vice versa, and why?

Q3 What are your primary collaboration security concerns, and how are you mitigating those risks?

Q4 How does your organization handle guest access, and external collaboration as a whole?


Q5 How important is information architecture and data governance within your collaboration security planning?

A6 With security as the number one concern for collaboration, where are the greatest organizational gaps in security today?

Q7 For an organization at the start of their collaboration planning, what steps or security guardrails would you suggest they begin with?


Wrap Up

AvePoint’s CISO, Dana Simberkoff, is a well-known security & collaboration expert. Dana sat down with Christian after the TweetJam for a live discussion on the topic; I highly recommend checking out the interview.

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