Graze: Cheese & Chive Oatbakes (and caramelized onion marmalade)
Graze: Cheese & Chive Oatbakes

Graze: Cheese & Chive Oatbakes (and caramelized onion marmalade)

You know that unwritten-but-should-be rule, “No fish in the office microwave,” or “don’t burn the popcorn” … yeah … these definitely should fall into that category.

These. Are. Pungent.

Don’t get me wrong, they aren’t awful, but don’t open these within 100 feet of a pregnant woman unless she really likes caramelized onions.


Seriously, though, here’s what I think. These are ok. The oatbakes, described simply as “wholegrain oatbakes”, are dry and break apart a bit more easily than a cracker, as you might expect. They are basic, fairly flavorless “chips” for you to eat the primary focus of the dish – which is funny because it’s not even aprt of the title: this should be called “wake up your senses”, not “cheese & chive oatbakes”.

What comes next is where the smell is at though. I’m sorry, but when I read “cheese & chives” I think “Oh, hey, this is going to have a cheesy substance to dip my oatbakes in”; I do NOT think “oh, hey, I wonder if my nose will still be able to smell the delicate stench of the New Jersey Turnpike” (because, btw, I bet I can’t).

It’s not that it smelled like the NJTP, but my nose will need some time to recover.

At first I told Graze I “liked” it, which means they might send it again. That’s when I realized they might send it again. “Trash” please.

Anyway, give it a try, I know my co-Graze eater, Joel Ward liked it.

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  1. justdevin

    This was the first thing I grabbed out of the first Graze box I received. And I loved it. Manda – not pregnant – couldn’t STAND ’em.

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