Losing ain’t so bad!
DietBet 4 Weigh-in - August 2014

Losing ain’t so bad!

Today I paid for the first month of the DietBet 10. I’ll do my weigh-in today, with a goal of losing 34lbs in 5 months and at least holding that number for the sixth month.

I’m nervous, and I’m putting my money down. It’s not a huge investment, but the payout would be nice, and I’ll feel like a douche if I waste the cash.

I just finished up a DietBet 4 and lost, sort of. You know the bet – 4% in 4 weeks; at 342lbs at my weigh-in that’s quite ambitious. I lost, like I said; 5lbs in one month! Not bad, actually. Not the 4% to win, so I lost my $35 buy-in, but I lost 5lbs! consider that my gym membership for the month (since my gym fee is paid for by my childcare, long story, I call that a huge win!)

Now, 5lbs a month isn’t going to do the job – it’ll be good, but not enough, so here’s what I’m doing:

  • I started wearing my FitBit again – the company has challenged employees to walk 10,000 steps per day … I’ve been averaging 7000-8000 on week days and pulled off over 12,000 this weekend each day … so I can see if I’m active or not. Plus, I really like how FitBit tells me if I slept well. I didn’t, by the way, last night. Good to know.
  • I’m counting my calories. And watching my sodium intake. I use MapMyFitness on my phone and try to track everything. Why? Because on Saturday I put in over 12,000 steps and burned an extra calories in exorcise. I then ate an extra 900 calories because I was hungry. Tracking my calories let me see how I wasted the opportunity to lose some extra weight that day. I won’t track my calories forever, but I’m going to try and do it for the next couple months so I can re-train my brain what a good serving size is.
  • I’m walking. See comment about steps above. I just took a bathroom break. I walked out of my office to the rest room. On the way back I walked up to the 9th floor, down the hall, and back down to the 8th floor. Why? A few extra steps helps. Stairs help. I was a little winded (see if you do stairs without getting winded at 340ish pounds).
  • OH! I’m taking Shotokan. It’s a Japanese Karate that I started in college. First night was last Friday and it was EXCELLENT. 20 minutes Yoga to warm up and 40 minutes of practicing katas and re-learning the basics. This was fantastic and I can’t wait until this Friday night.

So … here goes another six months. If all goes well I’ll be writing about how I kept adding to my program, learned how to eat healthily, and weight 306lbs … maybe even 300lbs – ooooh that’s probably too ambitious, but we’ll see.

[ picture posted from my August DB4 weigh-in – will do DB10 weigh-in tomorrow ]

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  1. Danielle

    Good luck Jay! I’ve been struggling for a year and a half to lose the baby weight and it’s getting harder, not easier. One thing it have learned is that motivation and a positive outlook are key! Find your mojo buddy and you will kill this!!

    1. jayleask

      Thanks Buck! Really appreciate the encouragement! What are you finding hardest?

    2. jayleask

      I was really surprised at how much the water (or lack of it, this weekend) affected my weight. And the sodium – yikes, the sodium!

  2. Blake Niemyjski

    You can do it :)! Biggest thing is watch your portions and drink lots of water.

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