Fat Ass February the 11th – 2016

Fat Ass February – the 11th. Bet you forgot it was Fat Ass February to begin with, didn’t you.

Look at me keep you up to date! *sigh* How’s your february going? I’ve been eating like shit, and not working out (except on Fridays when I go to Karate – 60 minutes of getting my ass kicked once a week doesn’t count though).

Today I got up with my girls, put on some shorts, and as they walked out the door I did a quick yoga routine. Part of what I hate about being fat and out of shape is everything hurts – always. My shoulders are tight to the point where I choke a little when I put my arms as high above my head as I can. My shins hurt if I walk too much. The backs of my legs are like a solid block, and I don’t mean in a good way. My knees always click and if I try to do too many stairs – well, it’s a bad scene.

So I try to do Yoga. It hurts, and I can never hold my Down Dog as long as the instructors do, but I always feel better. I feel like my muscles are trying to stretch and like my blood can move better when I’m done. The problem is I can’t do 60 minutes of Yoga. I once tried the P-90X Yoga … that’s a big fat NOPE. But those are excuses – reasons not to get off my ass and feel better.

This morning I said “FUCK YOU BODY”. I grabbed my laptop, my extra thick brown yoga mat, and my maize and blue yoga carpet (thank you wife for setting me up with this stuff) and I did a quick Youtube search for “morning yoga for beginners”. I was going to do whatever it found.

haha – just kidding – that first video was not for me. Next.

So I found Brett Larkin. She was OK, and it was short. 15 minutes. Just enough to feel like I accomplished something and MAYBE enough so I can succeed at it. Yup. 15 minutes was my max. My shoulder still hurts from last week’s Karate – something about the wheelbarrows I pretended to be able to do and I wasn’t able to lift my arm over my head for 3 days. I also still couldn’t hold Down Dog very long. And I spent a bunch of time out of pose looking at the screen because NO, I DON’T KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN WHEN YOU SAY THAT — oh, that, ok.

BUT — I finished it!

And I feel good about it.


And now I’m telling you about it.

I may even do this same video again tomorrow.

Now for some chocolate cake.

And my dogs are showing off.

Down Dogs on my yoga mat. I love my boxers, but now they're just showing off.
Down Dogs on my yoga mat. I love my boxers, but now they’re just showing off.

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