What is Fat Arse February?

OK Friends. Last year I lost 25lbs, but I haven’t lost much since early November. I know a number of you started 2015 off strong and have lost 5-10 pounds. I’m jealous – and I’m struggling to get the motivation to join you. And we all know starting is easy, but continuing is hard.

Enter #FatArseFeb – Fat Arse February isn’t about shaming each other. It’s not about forcing anyone. Fat Arse February is about sharing your story and supporting each other. Fat Arse February is about acknowledging it’s hard, but it doesn’t have to be shameful.

If you think you’re a fat arse, we’re asking you to post every day for the month of February. Let your friends know what you’re trying to do – let them know you need help. Show them how awesome your 12 hour workout was – show them the picture of that half-eaten chocolate cake – share your calorie count from yesterday – share your steps.

Yesterday I was listening to the Invisabilia Podcast episode called How to Become Batman. The premise is, and I poorly paraphrase, does our expectations and that of those around us tell us what we can and cannot do. Specifically, it was about the blind and follows the story of a man who clicks, like bats, to see – and science proves he does. It made me think – if weight loss didn’t have the social stigma and those around us supported us through the stories – could it be easier?

So here’s the experiment. SHARE. Ride the wave of internet memes and viral donations. Spend a month (a short one!) telling your friends what you’re going through. Every day put that hashtag up and get the word out. This February is #FatArseFebruary and we need YOUR SUPPORT so that WE can be successful!

For what it’s worth – I’m totally sharing the Superbowl party spread on Sunday … it’s not going to be a good weightloss day and I’m ok with that. I’m going to enjoy the game. I’m going to eat the food. I’m going to be totally fine with it; and with your help it’ll be ok!

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  1. David Purkiss

    This is awesome! Keep it up, Jay. We are all doing fitness challenges at my work in February also. Remember, sweat is fat crying and pain is weakness leaving the body…cliche, I know, but motivational.

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