25 pounds down … soooo many to go!
Stepping on the scale ain't fun!

25 pounds down … soooo many to go!

Today marks the day I’ve officially lost 25lbs.

I remember when I hit 300lbs. I was at a friends house on Long Island visiting for … maybe New Years? I stepped on the scale and couldn’t beleive I hit 300lbs. Obviously that as not the highest, but it was the first “Oh shit” moment.

At my heaviest I weighed in at 352lbs, sometime in 2013 (I marked January 1, 2013, but I don’t remember the exact day), but today I weigh in at 326.4.

On the one hand, I can’t believe I broke 350lbs in my life. I grew up watching my dad’s weight affect his health. I saw my uncle balloon from his meds and eventually die from complications of both. I knew weight was an important factor in long-term health. I even tried a few times, but always said “hey, I like who I am” … and I do.

I’ve never stopped liking who I am, I just stopped liking my inability to get to the top of my stairs without getting winded – god forbid I had to go up two flights of stairs!

Two years ago I began to realize that I would one day soon be unable to keep up with my daughter. She was going to outrun me. She was going to out do me. She was going to leave me behind … but damn it if I wasn’t going to try to make it a few years later than it looked like it was going to be.

Last week I put on a pair of jeans and was discouraged by how tight they were – until I realized they were 42 inches at the waist. At 352 I was wearing 48 inches around the waist … recently I’ve been wearing 46 inches, but noticed they required a belt to walk around. The 42s … I haven’t worn 42s in years. Don’t get me wrong, they went RIGHT back in the drawer because NO ONE needs to see that (not even my loving wife) … but hey, I can almost get back into them!

My suits are even starting to look less tailored – which sucks, btw! The cost of alterations ain’t cheap … but it’s for a good cause 🙂

So – today marks 25lbs on the journey. My goal is still a LONG way off … but 25 down is a huge deal.

heh – the fat man said “huge”

goo goo g’joob

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