October 2021 Roll Call
Where in the World is Jay Leask, October 2021?

October 2021 Roll Call

It’s December 3rd, so time to take the draft October 2021 Roll Call article and … uhh … publish it … finally.

Podcasts & Videocasts

Another busy month across my three videocasts with four total videos released:

This Week in Teams

Craig and I are focusing on a new cadence, with a monthly “update” episode, where we discuss month’s updates as summarized by the Microsoft Teams Team on their blog. We don’t discuss everything, but we generally cover everything end-user (from Apple Car Play updates to Teams Meetings and Collaboration changes to the chats etc); this month we also hit hard the GCC, GCC-H, and DOD updates, which I was excited about because there actually WERE updates in these US Government National tenants.

We then kicked off our new mini-series on Microsoft Viva with Eddie Lee, AvePoint’s North American EduTech lead. Microsoft Viva has a lot to offer for employee experience, from understanding how we use our time to providing insights on information management to so … much … more. Give this conversation 30 minutes, I think you’ll find it well worth the time, and follow along as we provide a deep dive with EACH module in the coming months.

M365GovCommunityCall – October

This month’s M365 Government Community Call was all about SharePoint, our dear old friend. We were joined by local Women in SharePoint lead Swetha Sankaran and repeat guest Amie Seisay and we discussed why SharePoint was such an important part of Microsoft 365, despite all the new, shiny tools that Microsoft has provided to us.

Click through to view the article and watch the recording of October’s M365 Government Community Call.

Buzzkill IT Podcast

Continuing our IT Security Series, Hunter and I were joined by Yehudah Sunshine from Israel. Yehudah is the Chief Evangelist at ODIX and helped us dive into malware and ransomware in a very non-technologist-friendly way.

Blog Posts

Nothing to see this month – but thankfully there was much to do elsewhere.

Community Content

MVP Skills Call: M365 Chicago Conference Team Panel

As an MVP we get to hear some really cool conversations on everything from making better presentations to running events. This month I was tagged, along with the rest of my M365 conspirators (Craig, Heather, Michael, and Ralph) to discuss the M365 Chicago Conference and how we ran it. The call was a ton of fun, and we were able to discuss some of our secret sauce all while announcing our January conference. No blog or public recording, unfortunately, but if you want to hear how we did it I’m happy to talk with you about it.

Cybersecurity Awareness Month

While the only thing that was public about it was this AMAZING graphic (I didn’t make it, that was our marketing team), this month was Cybersecurity Awareness Month. As part of it, I was a panelist on a “why is security important to me” conversation internal at AvePoint.

Commentary on Private Channels in GCC-High and DOD

Private Channels in Microsoft Teams are an interesting topic – they enable you to create a security group for a subset of users to collaborate within the larger Team, but there are implications as to what it means for your organizations. One of my team members posted a blog about it on the public sector Tech Community and I happily jumped in when there were some questions about it. Curious about Private Channels? check out the conversation here.

Upcoming Speaking and Conference Schedule

OK – since I’m A MONTH behind in posting this, I’m going to let this section go blank, and you can check my November Roll Call blog release (which hopefully will be out shortly after this one) to see what’s coming up.

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