The Reports That Records Managers Can’t Live Without
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The Reports That Records Managers Can’t Live Without

The following is an excerpt from the AvePoint records series. Click here for the full article.

I’m a parent. I have two children, six and a half (the half is important, don’t take that away from her) and almost one. I have to figure out where the toys are, if the teeth are brushed, and if that cough is persistent or if it’s just dusty in here. And if you recently heard how I almost destroyed my child’s imagination by listening to my favorite book on tape with her in the car (it was a Santa/Easter Bunny is/isn’t real kind of slip up), you’ll understand when I say “being a parent is hard.” Heck, you probably already know that.

Just like you probably also know how hard it is to be a Records Manager in the government.

To help prove this point and showcase the value of a proper reporting toolset, indulge me in using one of my all-time favorite workplace phrases (next to “see you in a couple weeks, I’m going to the beach”): “Say what you’re going to do, Do it, then Prove it!”

The remainder of this article covers how a Records Manager can follow these three steps and looking at tools that can assist in the process.

The Outline of the article includes:

  • Say What You’re Going To Do
  • Do It
    • Where Should I Focus My Efforts?
    • What is Ready for Disposition?
  • Prove It
    • Monitoring the Plan in Action
    • Auditing Records Activities
    • Let’s Get Physical (physical records, that is)
  • Additional Considerations

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