Durable Links and OneDrive for Business
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Durable Links and OneDrive for Business

The following is an excerpt from an article of Jay’s from the AvePoint Blog. Click here for the full article.

During my Microsoft Tech Summit DC OneDrive presentation, I was asked if shared URLs continued to work if a document was moved. With help from the audience, I was able to provide a tentative answer (Yes) but deferred to provide a definite until I did some research.

With the release SharePoint 2016, Microsoft added a new feature called Durable Links. Durable links enable users to share a document from a SharePoint library and know that even if the item gets moved (check out our recent blog post about the Move feature), the URL that was sent out with the share still works. Before this feature, if you moved a document any links to it broke.

For more details on durable links, click through to the full article!

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