Buzzkill – Security Series #1 – What is Security?

Buzzkill – Security Series #1 – What is Security?

While many organizations do something for security, the potentially innumerable ways an organization must secure its assets means it is very difficult for any organization to completely secure their borders.

As such, over the next couple months Hunter and I are excited to discuss the importance, and broad topics, of security within Information Technology. In our intro topic we discussed five main categories of security with the goal of starting conversation.

We admit wholeheartedly that we do not know everything on the topic. to that end, we look forward to bringing people from across the industry to talk about the varied subjects.

For now – take a listen to our discussion titled “What is Security?” and let us know your thoughts! Click through to the podcast page for more details.

Published live Monday, January 25, 2021, 12:00 pm Eastern time.

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