#CollabTalk TweetJam January 2021
#CollabTalk TweetJam "The Need for Community Management and Governance"

#CollabTalk TweetJam January 2021

Today Christian Buckley kicked off 2021 with the first TweetJam of the year discussing community management and governance. If you’ve never participated in a TweetJam, it’s intense. 50-70 panelists take a list of 7 questions and discuss in a feeding frenzy I can only equate to throwing chum into shark-infested waters. It’s glorious!

I started doing TweetJams last year – this is only my 3rd, I think. Why do I do it? I LOVE learning from the community. I love sharing what I think on the subject. And mostly, I love the interaction with the other community members.

One thing about Tweets – if you aren’t “in” on Twitter, they’re short. Currently, Twitter restricts comments to 280 characters and, where URLs are present, using URL shortening to help get the most out of this limited space. If you jump into the conversation, you may see “(1/2)” in a post, that means that user needed more than 280 characters, so check out that person’s Twitter stream to see the rest of the message.

The Need for Community Management and Governance

Today’s topic provided 7 questions on the need for community management and governance. Also, important to note, that while this is a Microsoft-driven community, only one question was specific to them.

Below are my answers to these questions, and a few of my favorites from the community (way too many to share them all!). I welcome your feedback either in the comments or on Twitter! But if you do join us on Twitter make sure you follow the rules!! Use #CollabTalk A$ where $ is the question number (e.g., “#CollabTalk A3”).

Q1 How important is it to actively manage community activities within Enterprise Collaboration?

Q2 Where do you draw the line between “locked down” and “completely open” in managing Enterprise Collaboration?

Q3 What *should* community management and governance look like within Enterprise Collaboration?


Q4 What are your operational governance “best practices” for Microsoft 365?

Q5 How do you enforce corporate policies and content lifecycles without discouraging collaboration within the enterprise?


Q6 What tips can you share about making Enterprise Collaboration more inclusive and increase overall engagement?


Q7 What feedback would you give to the Microsoft product teams to improve community management and governance?

Make sure to join us next month, and each month thereafter, by checking out BuckleyPlanet’s TweetJam category.

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