Balancing Control and Collaboration to Enable Tech Intensity
Tech Intensity with Microsoft 365 and AvePoint Cloud Governance

Balancing Control and Collaboration to Enable Tech Intensity

The following is an excerpt from an article of Jay’s from the AvePoint Blog. Click here for the full article.

Traditionally, governance has been considered part of IT’s ongoing management, provisioning, and recertifications of all technology platforms. Governances enables IT to enforce your organizational policies. However, proper governance will drive end-user adoption. Governance should be a driver of tech intensity for an organization’s Office 365 and SharePoint environments!

A common approach to governance is from a corporate policy-driven perspective that is established by IT and leadership; this approach often leads to locked down, highly secured environments. The benefit of a heavily controlled environment is that privacy and security policies are continuously supported and controlled, which leads to, amongst other things, diminished sprawl and increased data security within these environments!

As important as enforcing policies is for organizations, there are some drawbacks. When end-users don’t have any input or can’t provide what is needed for their collaborative workspaces, there’s a risk of shadow IT, compromising of critical business data, IT burden, and more! If you focus on control, try to be considerate of the needs of your end-users.

But what about the end-users needs? Will they still be able to have access to the collaboration tools and workspaces that will enable them to work day-to-day? When end-user needs are not taken into consideration and their resources are limited, they resort to shadow IT to get their work done.

Click through to see how Jay uses AvePoint’s Cloud Governance and MyHub app as an example of how to balance the control of your environment against enabling tech intensity.

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