Holy Sodium, Batman!

I’ve been tracking my calories again, using My Fitness Pal. It’s a neat experience. First and foremost, if you’re tracking your calories, don’t get frustrated! You will not be perfect. You will not get every calorie. You will over-estimate,     under-estimate,        forget to estimate … you will become distracted and forget what you’re trying

#FatArseFeb Are you hydrated?

I’m neither a doctor with an expertise in hydration nor did I stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night – but it IS Fat Arse February and I’m curious … are you hydrated? We’ve all been told “8 glasses, 8 ounces each” – and I was curious, is that scientific? Surely not. It’s not,

What is Fat Arse February?

OK Friends. Last year I lost 25lbs, but I haven’t lost much since early November. I know a number of you started 2015 off strong and have lost 5-10 pounds. I’m jealous – and I’m struggling to get the motivation to join you. And we all know starting is easy, but continuing is hard. Enter

25 pounds down … soooo many to go!

Today marks the day I’ve officially lost 25lbs. I remember when I hit 300lbs. I was at a friends house on Long Island visiting for … maybe New Years? I stepped on the scale and couldn’t beleive I hit 300lbs. Obviously that as not the highest, but it was the first “Oh shit” moment. At

Technology Implementations versus Business Solutions – IM versus KM

I’m not a strict knowledge manager or a technology-focused architect, but I cover a large range of subjects. The above image popped into my feed from the Cohenization blog as just a snippet. Clicking on the link direct to the Knowledge Management Tools website gives a little more context. After thinking about this graphic for

Graze: Cheese & Chive Oatbakes (and caramelized onion marmalade)

You know that unwritten-but-should-be rule, “No fish in the office microwave,” or “don’t burn the popcorn” … yeah … these definitely should fall into that category. These. Are. Pungent. Don’t get me wrong, they aren’t awful, but don’t open these within 100 feet of a pregnant woman unless she really likes caramelized onions. Wow. Seriously,

Graze: Raspberry & Coconut Muffin

Hmmm – this has “vits & mins” … sounds healthy. It’s basically a deconstructed muffin. I don’t mean deconstructed because my two year old daughter tore it apart instead of eating the $4 muffin we just bought her at Starbucks; or the deconstructed lasagna my sister suggested I make because … well … who doesn’t

Graze: Summer Berry Flapjack

The summer berry flapjack: rustic rolled oat flapjack with berry-infused cranberries. I’m sorry, did I read that right? – berry-infused cranberries – What in the hell is a berry-infused cranberry? I asked around and got this gem-of-a-quote from co-worker and Grazee-pusher (how do you think I got my free box), Joel Ward: It’s the turducken

Graze: Morning Energizer

I don’t hate this I’m trying Graze. It’s silly, but the first box was free, so why not. I just need to cancel the second one before I … wait … this wasn’t awful. Wasn’t Awful? It had chewy, semi-dried cherries and pears. You don’t eat cherries. Or pears. Or semi-dried fruit! But really, it

Losing ain’t so bad!

Today I paid for the first month of the DietBet 10. I’ll do my weigh-in today, with a goal of losing 34lbs in 5 months and at least holding that number for the sixth month. I’m nervous, and I’m putting my money down. It’s not a huge investment, but the payout would be nice, and