How Social Tools help Employees engage “Experts”

Throughout my career I have seen organizations, especially large ones, struggle helping their employees identify the right person with the right information in a timely manner. In a flexible workplace it is often even harder to find which geographically disparate employee has the knowledge you are looking for. It is the organization’s responsibility to provide employees

Risk, Failure, and Innovation

I’m neither an expert in risk or innovation. I’ve experienced my share of both, but at 33 years I can hardly say I’ve experienced more than most. Lately, I’ve noticed a lot of risk aversion; a lot of people wanting great success (Yakshemash!) but a lot less willing take risks to get there. However, common

Dell XPS 12 Convertible “Work Productivity Tool”

In February of 2013 I received an excellent little … work productivity tool: the Dell XPS 12, Convertible Tablet with Windows 8. I know it’ll be hard, but please hold your applause until the end! In short, I love this thing. I wish I had more opportunity to use it because, the things I don’t

American Farmers say they “Feed the World” – but SHOULD they?

On my way to work this morning, after dropping Mache off because she insists on listening to First Wave – thank god for XM Radio –  I heard a story on American farming and how they “feed the world”. If you weren’t listening to NPR at the same time as me it can be found

To E.R. is human

Yesterday, Mache went to a Super Hero party. Yes, we dressed our little beauty as the Lord of the Sith and took her to attend a Super Hero party Our daughter, it seems, took her role seriousy though and the method actress she is, she thought she’d work at sound like Darth Vadar as well.

Andromache and the Not-Quite-Disastrous Diaper

That clever little devil. This morning as I tried to sneak across the creak-bound wood floor to go back downstairs to make coffee I heard my darling daughter, restless in the bedroom as I walked up to the door. I stopped and listened but no major noises – just the stiring of “soon, father, soon

Oven Baked, Slow-Roasted Brisket

Over Christmas our furnace went out. In the middle of the night my wife woke me up complaining about the cold. This is nothing out of the ordinary, but once I actually woke up enough I realized even I was chilled – and if I’m cold you KNOW our eight month old daughter is going

Who’s voice do I represent?

Humans are often very self-conscious, poorly motivated, selfish individuals. Yes, this is an incredibly blatant over-generalization; but it is, I believe, an important one. When we find ourselves in situations of incredible pressure many of us crumble.  We curl up on the couch with a tub of bon-bons (god, I love those), pic our favorite, sleaziest drama, and we hide

Time Escaping. Tick. Tick.

Now. Again. Every time. It mocks me. The deadline, always looming near. I find myself against the wall of time. Distractions aplenty to keep me from completing my end goal yet again. Why do I continue to fight, to be my own worst enemy, to drag myself to that place where I’m stuck. I like

PMP Study Aid – Project Quality Management:Perform Quality Assurance

This study aid was created as part of my training for the Project Management Professional certification. This guide focuses on the Perform Quality Assurance process as part of the PMBOK for PMP certification. Please note that slides 2 and 8 have animations that Slide Share does not handle. To work around this I have followed